3 Considerations to Make When Doing DIY Lighting Décor

LEDS are versatile and they do not consume energy in the same volume that regular bulbs do. As a result, there are many uses for LED lighting within both homes and working spaces. Creative types like to customize them in arrangements to bring out artistic expression within the interior of your living environment. Here are some other ideas that you could consider when incorporating LED décor in your home.


Use Negative Space

There are two ways in which a light can be used. One is by placing it in a strategic place such as light fixture hanging off the ceiling, or walls. The other is by using the light to create shadows and silhouettes within your room. The beautiful use of silhouettes is what is known as the utilization of negative spaces. Lights are placed behind a wooden cut-out of whatever shape fits the space. For the living room, cut-outs of wild animals such as wolf-heads can be installed with lights behind them to make the shape stand out.


Understand the Colors

For an enhanced effect, it is always recommended that DIY LED décor lighting sets the mood for the space it is located in. To do so effectively requires an understanding of the psychology of colors. Red is a color for anger and fierceness. It is also a color for the bold. Blue is a calm color. Yellow is associated with happiness while purple suggests a regal ambience or fun. Green is the color of nature and healing. By picking the right color for the right mood, you will get more out of your LED lighting.


Fitting in with the Existing Décor Scheme

DIY LED lighting, more often than not, does not start as the original décor in a space; there usually is some existing décor scheme. It is advisable to consider what scheme was followed then use the LEDs to improve that décor scheme. Not every good LED idea you come across will suit your space since it has been designed in a unique way.  Interpreting your existing décor will help you to understand how it can benefit from LED lights. This knowledge of your space will also allow you to determine how easy or hard DIY LED lighting will be.


With these and other considerations in mind, let loose and install your customized lighting scheme. Remember to keep it fun and express yourself.